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Green Lane, Hyde, SK14 3BD

Telephone  0161 366 9103

We welcome you all to 2022 


How are we working hard to keep our riders safe through this pandemic! Covid -19


🦄 Hand sanitiser available upon arrival


🦄 We’ve asked riders to bring their own safety equipment (hat, clean gloves, whip etc.)


🦄 All staff will wash their hands before and after handling a horse


🦄 Mask must be worn when entering the farm office 


🦄 Cash free payments


🦄 Every saddle cover and saddle cloth will be washed after every use


🦄 Tack will be disinfected and cleaned 


🦄 Riders who have developed any symptoms, either themselves or a household member, since booking have been urged to cancel their lesson.

If you are worried or unsure about any of the measures taken, please get in touch with us and we can answer any queries.

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Godley Stud Riding School

Covid-19 Update Jan 2022

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